Barbatul perfect defect
The Perfect Defective Man
Red Theatre - 31 Baratiei Street
July 26, 2024 at 7:30 PM

We, women, fiercely search for the ideal man. We've learned from our mothers, grandmothers, the radio, and TV that a man should be somewhat perfect. Enough to serve as a lover, husband, friend, psychologist, assistant, driver, doctor, plumber, mechanic, advisor, etc. But where can you find this perfect man? It's very simple: he is present on every road, effectively crossing your path and taking your breath away. You just need to fall in love to recognize him, and voila… he is perfect. But what do you do with him then? Come to the theatre to find the recipe from Mariana and Liliana, faced with reality – that is, Mugur Mugurel.

The beloved Radu Gabriel directs. Starring Maria Radu, Luminița Bucur, and Oleg Apostol.

For further details regarding the above event, please contact the organizing company:  Best Mariage SRL,  CIF 19116120, BUCHAREST

Teatrul Rosu - Str. Baratiei 31, Bucuresti
Str. Baratiei Nr.31
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