Sot de vanzare - Constanta

Husband for Sale 

Multifunctional Youth Educational Center "Jean Constantin" Constanța

July 22, 2024 at 7:00 PM

"Husband for Sale", a play based on Mihail Zadornov, with Maria Radu, Ana Odagiu, Marius Gilea.

Directed by: Marius Gilea.


Oxana (a young "modern" woman to the tips of her nails, pretty, somewhat naive, but extremely determined) proposes to Elena Vladimirovna (a professional wife, past her prime but intelligent, with "look" and initiated in the ways of life) an indecent yet novel business: a sale contract for her much-desired husband in exchange for the tempting sum of "twenty thousand".

Andrei Vasilievici (a veritable male who relishes his midlife crisis) seems worth every cent. But will he agree to this transaction? Will the two women succeed in concluding the incredible contract?

The subject uniquely and spicily addresses the eternal theme of the conjugal trio, in three acts with multiple and intense twists. Whether with or without the agreement of those involved, the only guarantee is an evening full of humor and hearty laughs!

Get ready for an experience that will undoubtedly change your perception of marriage and... Romanian underground theater!


For more details regarding the event above, please contact the organizing company: Rotari Entertainment SRL, CIF 41415676, BUCURESTI

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Sot de vanzare - Constanta, 22 July 2024
Centrul Multifunctional Educativ pentru Tineret Jean Constantin, Constanta
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