Gaitele - Cluj Napoca

The Ravens

by Alexandru Kiritescu

Student Culture House "Dumitru Farcas" Cluj Napoca

September 11, 2024, at 20:00

The show THE RAVENS, which was supposed to take place on September 17 at the Student Culture House Cluj- Napoca IS POSTPONED to September 11 at 20:00! Tickets and seats remain valid!

You can't remain indifferent to a show on such a text as Kirițescu’s „The Ravens”.

At first, you laugh till you cry. And then you are stunned because you realize you are laughing at yourself, your family, this nation. „The Ravens” are the perfect depiction of Romanian-ness in its most grim, intimate, and unmasked moments. And the produced show manages to capture very well this atmosphere of a national, morbid tragicomedy. The very well-thought-out and easily maneuverable scenography, with strong interwar Romanian accents in the house decorations, along with the soundtrack, contribute greatly to constructing the environment in which the Duduleanu family conducts their infamously local life.

You will rediscover 4 remarkable actresses in the 4 main female roles: Maia Morgenstern (an incredibly believable Aneta Duduleanu, with strong but not exaggerated comic accents), Carmen Tănase (an exceptional Zoia, sympathetic, yet with powerful stage expression), Virginia Rogin (one of the most refined, complex, and masterful actresses, here in a grand role as Lena) and Adriana Trandafir (a mountain of talent, passion, and dedication, meticulously creating an unprecedented Fräulein).

The love triangle cannot be forgotten, brilliantly performed by Diana Cavallioti (a sensual, feminine Wanda with a boiling inner strength), Andreea Chirițescu (an amazingly self-possessed Margareta) and Tudor Istodor (an authentic and original Mircea). Gabriel Fătu, Ioana Ancea, and Ion Ionuț Ciocia have a very important contribution in the three comic roles of Ianache, Colette, and Georges Duduleanu, the sons and daughter-in-law of Aneta. Last but not least, in the small but very meaningful role of Zamfira, Mariangela Coldea shines through the joy of her performance, bringing to the forefront a role that is usually overlooked. And this entire theatrical symphony, led with a sure hand by director Gelu Colceag.

Congratulations always go to Imelda Manu, the set designer, Ioana Colceag, and Geanina Punkosti, the creators of the exceptional and time-appropriate costumes, as well as Teodora Petre, the assistant director, who ensures the smooth running of each performance.

Aneta Duduleanu – Maia Morgenstern
Zoia – Carmen Tănase
Lena – Virginia Rogin
Fräulein – Adriana Trandafir
Wanda Serafim – Diana Cavallioti
Margareta Aldea – Andreea Chirițescu
Mircea Aldea – Tudor Istodor
Ianache Duduleanu – Gabriel Fătu
Georges Duduleanu – Ionuț Ciocia
Colette Duduleanu – Ioana Ancea
Zamfira – Mariangela Coldea

Director — Gelu Colceag


For additional details regarding the event above, please contact the organizing company:  S.C ProTicket Media S.R.L,  Tax ID 48924359, BUCHAREST

Categoria 1 - 170,00 lei
Categoria 2 - 130,00 lei
Gray seats are occupied.
Strada Piata Lucian Blaga Nr.1-3
Gaitele - Cluj Napoca, 11 September 2024
Casa de Cultura a Studentilor Dumitru Farcas, Cluj-Napoca
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