Fanteziile sotului meu - Iasi
My Husband's Fantasies
National Athenaeum Iași
October 8, 2024, at 19:00

Married people also have fantasies. And those are the most interesting ones.

To keep the flame alive, the Cucu spouses give free rein to some bewilderingly unexpected fantasies. But as Murphy's laws are universally valid, their scenario turns into a group chaos. Or rather a desperate attempt to revive what can be revived with everything at hand – a plumber, a thief, a relative, and other items around the house.

"My Husband's Fantasies" – a super comedy in which we expose marriages and see everything that happens in the love life of long-term couples in the "wonderful world" of family.

With Livia Taloi, Pavel Bârsan, Andrei Necula, Alin Brancu, and Iuliana Margarit, directed by Alin Brancu.

For further details about the above event, please contact the organizing company:  Best Mariage SRL,  CIF 19116120, BUCHAREST

Categoria 1 - 75,00 lei
Categoria 2 - 55,00 lei
Gray seats are occupied.
Str. Ion Creanga, nr. 14
Fanteziile sotului meu - Iasi, 8 October 2024
Ateneul National Iasi, Iasi
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