Viata conjugala (a)normala - Cluj Napoca

(A)Normal Married Life

Cinema Dacia Cluj Napoca

20 October 2024, 18:00

People who love each other don't sleep! They have insomnia!

He wants to sleep. She wants a cultural revolution and overwhelming declarations of love, in the middle of the night. And as the saying goes – be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it.

A delightful script and an exceptional performance ensure a healthy dose of laughter, with two of the actors you know from "Husband for Sale" (or separately, from many other comedies). All that's left is for you to see for yourself. Enjoy the show!

Directed by Marius Gîlea. Starring Maria Radu, Marius Gîlea.

For further details about the above event, please contact the organizing company: Best Mariage SRL, CIF19116120, BUCHAREST

Categoria 1 - 75,00 lei
Categoria 2 - 55,00 lei
Gray seats are occupied.
Str. Bucegi, nr. 11B
Viata conjugala (a)normala - Cluj Napoca, 20 October 2024
Cinema Dacia , Cluj-Napoca
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