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- PREMIERE "The Perfect System"-

November 5, 2024, at 19:00

Casa de Cultura a Sindicatelor Ploiesti

The play/comedy "The Perfect System" is an adaptation of "The Ribadier System", a delightful three-act comedy by Georges Feydeau and Maurice Hennequin, first performed in November 1892. The main theme is a husband's stratagem to escape the conjugal house by hypnotizing his wife.

Our late artist and director Ion Caramitru wanted to direct this play, and as a coincidence, another director with Aromanian roots, Toma Enache, staged the play by the author Georges Feydeau, who is extremely well-known in our country for another masterpiece, "La puce à l'oreille – The Flea in the Ear".

Georges Feydeau (1862 - 1921) was a French playwright from the Belle Époque period, known for his farces and vaudeville plays.


Angèle – Monica Davidescu

Ribadier – Aurelian Temisan

Thommereux – Silviu Biris

Savinet (Sauvignion) – Ovidiu Cuncea

Gusman – Cosmin Vîjeu / Vasile Revnic

Sophie – Kira Hagi

Director — Toma Enache 

The critic of the newspaper Le Figaro (at the time of the release – 1892), Henry Fouquier, considered the play "perhaps the most solidly built and with the most ingenious plot of all the plays offered by Maurice Feydeau" and that Feydeau wove a farce with comedy and fantasy. A comment from the same newspaper said: "We saw, from one end of the evening to the other, only gleaming faces, beautiful eyes wet with tears of joy, shoulders shaking with so much laughter, and many applause."

After Feydeau's death in 1921, his plays suffered years of neglect until interest in them revived in the 1940s. Le Système Ribadier was restaged in 1963 in a production directed by Jacques François. The online magazine "Les Archives du Spectacle" notes that so far, there have been 15 different productions of the play in Paris and other cities in France, including a 2007 production at Théâtre Montparnasse, which was filmed for television and dozens of adaptations worldwide.

Over time, the play has been taken up and presented successfully at the most successful theaters in the world. First in Berlin in 1893. An English adaptation, "His Little Dodge," was presented in London in 1896, running for 81 performances. The same version was given in New York the following year by Edward E. Rice's company. An adaptation called "Monsieur Rebadier's System" was offered to the USA public in 1979, with Roderick Cook in the role of Ribadier. A 2009 version titled "Where There's a Will" was presented on a British tour directed by the great British director Sir Peter Reginald Frederick Hall, receiving very warm reviews. To date, the play has been successfully performed on all world meridians.

Access Rules:

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- Please consider heavy traffic and limited parking spaces,

- After the show starts, ACCESS IS PROHIBITED and tickets lose their validity,

- Children under 7 years old are not allowed. Children over 7 years old pay full ticket price,


- Do not buy tickets from the website VIAGOGO. Tickets sold here are overpriced and unauthorized for our concerts. Those who purchase tickets FROM VIAGOGO assume all risks and will not be allowed into the concert hall.

- Access to the concert space is based on reading the barcode from the printed ticket. If you do not print the ticket, you will not be able to enter the concert hall. 

For additional details regarding the above event, please contact the organizing company: FIX 7 ENTERTAINMENT S.R.L., CIF 49187387, ILFOV

Acces general - 145,00 lei
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Blvd. Republicii 65
Sistemul perfect - Ploiesti, 5 November 2024
Casa de Cultura a Sindicatelor , Ploiesti
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