DENNIS STRATTON - Supliment Meet&Greet

Dennis Stratton – Iron Maiden Tribute with  Children of the Damned

10.11.2024 at 19:30

Auditorium Maximum  CLUJ-NAPOCA


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Children of the Damned was formed in 2001 and has since then evolved only as an Iron Maiden tribute band.

Their immense and sincere passion is the winning card of this long-lived band, which over the years has created a large number of fans in Italy and Europe with over 500 concerts.

This is both as a tribute and as an accompaniment to the legendary Paul Di'Anno, the first legendary singer of Iron Maiden, who since 2003 has chosen them as the official Italian band and the first European band by number of performances: COTD is absolutely the band Paul has played with the longest in his entire career (including the Maiden period!).

Their repertoire includes the entire discography of the English band, from classics to rarities for true “connoisseurs,” finally reaching recently composed tracks.

Children of the Damned use Maiden's original intros and some keyboard sequences to best recreate the atmospheres of masterpieces like 7th Son Of A 7th Son, Infinite Dreams, The Evil That Man Do, Moonchild, and others.

Special attention is given to the scenography: banners, flags, and backdrops that perfectly reproduce those used by the originals on the most famous tours, together with the most precise Maiden-style clothing.

Since 2017, they have started a collaboration with Dennis Stratton, firstly the historical guitarist of Iron Maiden, effectively becoming the only Italian band to have worked with all former members of the English team.

Dennis Stratton - former member of the heavy metal group Iron Maiden, guitarist, and additional vocalist, participated in the realization of the band's first album and will enchant us on the stage of the Casa de Cultura in Cluj-Napoca with his performances.

An evening with a high level of adrenaline where IRON MAIDEN will be celebrated in the company of a legendary component of the band's history, the acrobatic guitarist DENNIS STRATTON.   He will be accompanied on stage by Children Of The Damned, one of the best Iron Maiden tribute bands internationally!

We invite all IRON MAIDEN fans to this concert to experience the emotions of the music!

Strada Mihail Kogalniceanu Nr.5
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