Supliment Meet&greet “Jennifer Batten - Michael The Show”


7.12.2024 ora 20:00

Auditorium Maximum  CLUJ-NAPOCA

We launch an offer to remember Michael's birthday – 29 August.



The supplement is only valid with a pre-purchased ticket with a seat. The supplement includes a meeting with the artists and a photo gift with their autograph!

For the first time, Michael The Show presents a two-hour show with the greatest hits of the King of Pop - Michael Jackson, all arranged and accompanied by a live orchestra, a live band, and dancers.
The team is made up of 24 elements with faithfully reproduced choreography and costumes. The live experience will be enriched by lasers, lights, and visual elements that will make it truly unique.
Due to the active participation of Jennifer Batten, Michael the Show will offer the public a unique musical experience, evoking the tours of the great King of Pop, with musical arrangements that make this show distinctive and unmatched.
Wendel Gama is one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators acclaimed in the world. With his amazing numbers on social media, he has won the hearts of numerous fans around the world. To date, his presence continues to grow on social media platforms, boasting over 4 million followers on TikTok and an additional 300,000 followers on Instagram. What makes him so popular is his incredible resemblance to Michael Jackson’s voice, combined with his extraordinary
skills in dance and entertainment, making Wendel an excellence.
Jennifer Batten is an American guitarist known for her incredible talent and her contributions to the world of rock and pop music.
In 1987, she joined Michael Jackson’s Bad World Tour as the lead guitarist, a role she continued to occupy throughout the following Dangerous World and HIStory World Tour. During her time with
Michael Jackson, Batten achieved widespread recognition for her innovative guitar work and memorable solos, contributing to the iconic sound of some of Jackson’s most famous songs. She played a crucial role in the live performances, captivating the audience with her technical skills and stage presence. Jennifer Batten’s impact on the music industry extends beyond her association with Michael Jackson, as she remains a respected and influential figure among guitarists and music lovers. Her innovative style, combined with her constant dedication to pushing musical boundaries, has solidified her status as a leading figure in the world of rock and guitar virtuosity.

An extraordinary tribute show celebrating the undeniable genius of pop music, Michael Jackson. This unique event offers a stunning experience, a tribute to the exceptional career of the King of Pop - Michael Jackson.
Wendel Gama, the Brazilian Michael Jackson lookalike with over 4 million followers on social media, capturing the unique soul of the King of Pop with a masterful performance. Every move, every gesture, is a respectful and passionate tribute to the great artist.
In addition, “Michael - The Show” presents a special guest of exceptional prestige: Jennifer Batten, Michael Jackson’s legendary guitarist who accompanied him in all major tours for many years. Her presence on stage adds an exciting authentic touch, bringing to life the unforgettable guitar solos that helped define the distinct sound of Michael’s songs.
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an extraordinary evening, where the stage comes alive with the power of a live band faithfully playing Michael Jackson’s iconic musical arrangements. A majestic live orchestra completes the experience, amplifying the grandeur of his unforgettable compositions.
The expertly choreographed dance troupe will transport spectators into Michael’s fascinating world, recreating his legendary on-stage performances. Every move, every dance step will capture the infectious energy that made Michael Jackson a global icon.
“Michael – The Show” is not just a show, but a journey through time and music. Follow the timeless revivals and successes of “Thriller”, “Billie Jean”, “Beat It” and many more, while the magic of Michael Jackson comes to life before your eyes.
Prepare to be spellbound by the charm of an extraordinary evening that celebrates the eternal talent of Michael Jackson.
“Michael – The Show” is more than a show; it is a moving tribute, an unforgettable experience that will make you dance, sing and fall in love again with the King of Pop - Michael Jackson.
An event by MiraShow


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