Dor de Bucovina - Concert Aniversar Ilie Caras

Ilie Caraș's Anniversary Concert: An Evening of Magic and Tradition

September 10, 2024 at 7:00 PM

National Theatre Bucharest - "Ion Caramitru" Hall

Ilie Caraș's Anniversary Concert: An Evening of Magic and Tradition
On a charming autumn evening, September 10, 2024, the National Theatre in Bucharest will become the stage of an unforgettable spectacle, the anniversary concert of the young and talented artist Ilie Cara
ș. Originating from Chernivtsi, Northern Bukovina, Ilie Caraș is already a well-known and respected name in the world of folk music, an artist who, despite his youth, has managed to win over the hearts of the audience with his warm voice and authenticity of interpretation.

A Young Master of Folklore
Ilie Cara
ș is not just a folk music singer but also a true keeper of Romanian traditions. With high-level musical training, a Ph.D. in music, Ilie Caraș represents a bridge between past and present, old and new. In his performances, the audience can feel the breath of old stories and songs, preserved by ancestors and passed on with respect and love to the younger generation.

The anniversary concert is a special occasion, a reward from the public for all his dedication and work. It is a recognition that Ilie Caraș is one of the appreciated artists of his generation.

An Unforgettable Night with Renowned Artists
On the stage of the National Theatre in Bucharest, Ilie Cara
ș will be accompanied by some of the greatest artists of Romanian folk music. Nicolae Botgros and the famous orchestra Lăutarii from Chișinău will add extra sparkle to this event, each musical note being proof of their undeniable mastery.

Laura Lavric, Constantin Enceanu, Mariana Ionescu Căpitănescu and Steliana Sima, high-value artists of Romanian folk music, will complete this magical evening, each with their voice's charm and unique style.

An Evening of Folk Music Stars
and Traian Ilea, with their unparalleled duet, will bring to the stage musical stories full of passion and longing. Ion Paladi, with his melodies inspired by Bessarabian folklore, will pay homage to folk music and tradition. Viorica Macovei, Sorin Filip, Gabriel Dorobanțu, Alexandra Dan, Nicușor Iordan, Loredana Streche and Grigore Gherman are just a few of the artists who will complete this exceptional sound picture with the beauty of their performances.

Each performance will be an open window into the soul of the Romanian people, a journey through time and space via authentic folk music.
The artistic direction of the concert is signed by the talented TV personality Cosmin Man, who promises an unforgettable show, combining tradition with modern scenography and directing elements. The host of the evening will be the incomparable Alexandra Velniciuc, known for her elegance and charisma, adding a touch of refinement and professionalism to the event.

National Theatre: A Temple of Culture
The National Theatre in Bucharest, a place filled with history and emotion, will host this special anniversary concert. The imposing Ion Caramitru hall, the central hall, will resound with chords and applause, in a festive and joyful atmosphere. This temple of Romanian culture will witness an evening where folk music will shine in all its splendor.

A Tribute to Romanian Folk Music
Ilie Cara
ș's anniversary concert is more than a celebration of an artist's career. It is a tribute to Romanian folk music, a homage to the traditions and values that define us as a people. Every song sung, every verse spoken will be proof of the cultural wealth and beauty of Romanian folklore.

Ilie Caraș, with his warm voice and consummate talent, will bring the essence of folk music to the stage, in an evening that promises to be unforgettable.

Conclusion: An Unforgettable Event
On September 10, 2024, the National Theatre in Bucharest will host an exceptional event, the anniversary concert of artist Ilie Cara
ș. Alongside him, on stage will be some of the great names of Romanian folk music, in a show that will celebrate tradition, emotion, and the beauty of authentic folklore.
It is a unique opportunity to live unforgettable moments, to enjoy Romanian folk music at the highest level.

For further details regarding the above event, please contact the organizing company: SC Forward Media & Advertising SRL,  CIF RO15963343, BUCURESTI


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Bd. Nicolae Balcescu nr. 2, sector 1
Dor de Bucovina - Concert Aniversar Ilie Caras, 10 September 2024
Teatrul National Bucuresti - Sala Ion Caramitru, Bucuresti
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