Micul Print - spectacol pentru oameni mari - Cisnadie

The Little Prince

Casa de Cultura Cisnadie

November 14, 2024, 7:00 PM

“The eyes are blind. One must look with the heart.”

A minimalist production for adults, bringing to the surface the depths of the most read text in world literature, in a sincere and intimate atmosphere. The decor, costumes, and scenography are created by the greatest creators of the theater world, known as: the spectators.

The creative lab: imagination.

Tools: words, music, and fantasy. The setting: the stage.

Three actors with three instruments take the audience through all the planets visited by The Little Prince, in an emotional story sprinkled with comic characters and unique situations, all accompanied by live music.

Duration of the show: 1 hour, no intermission

Directed by:

Ștefan Ruxanda

A project by RED NOSE SOCIETY, ROTARI ENTERTAINMENT, with the support of EPSON Romania.

"Tonight's show was a delight from beginning to end. I left with a smile on my face and my heart vibrating, a few hours after I walked out of the small hall of the National Children's Palace. You managed to convey emotion and make me want to come with great pleasure to other shows. Thank you, beautiful people!" (Oana Palaneț)

"I attended The Little Prince show (in Constanta) and I can confirm that it is the kind of vibrant, magnetic experience that leaves you with a positive aftertaste, a pleasant taste in the sky of the mind."  (George Cosmin Bors)

"It was a challenge for the mind and soul, especially the soul." (Despina Maria Donca)

"A luminous show that caressed our souls, masterfully staged by these three wonderful actors, who managed to transform The Little Prince's story into an even more wonderful one! Thank you! You filled our hearts with joy and emotion!" (Valentina Barbu)

"I thought there was nothing sacred left in the world. Until I saw The Little Prince by Red Nose Society..." (Tudor Anghelescu)

"An emotional show that I wholeheartedly recommend." (Oana Toma)

"Superb! I have never experienced something that made me smile for such a long period as this show!" (Patricia Patras)

For further details regarding the above event, please contact the organizing society:  Rotari Entertainment SRL,  CIF 41415676, BUCHAREST

Acces general - 60,00 lei
Gray seats are occupied.
Strada Sibiului Nr.1
Micul Print - spectacol pentru oameni mari - Cisnadie, 14 November 2024
Casa de Cultura, Cisnadie
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