The National Operetta and Musical Theater "Ion Dacian" presents:


October 11, 2024, at 19:00

“Butterflies” is a dance performance that tells the story of a young woman who escapes from a hostile world to reach a dream world full of color. It is a story about metamorphosis and evolution, about self-discovery but also about the search for perfect love. An initiatory journey or perhaps just a dream. All this is conveyed to the audience through various dance styles, through compositions by composers such as P.I. Tchaikovsky or E. Grieg, as well as through arias from famous musicals, performed by Cristina Popa and Letiția Vlădescu.

 The direction and choreography of the show are signed by Relu Dobrin, who explains that what he managed to stage represents his vision and his own answers to questions such as:

“What does reality mean? Where does the concrete end and how can we overcome its barriers to move beyond, to that place where magic reigns? How many times have we humans asked ourselves if we will find what we are looking for, the meaning of all our struggles, in the material world, in this palpable existence? And if we could go beyond, if we could transcend time and space to enter another dimension where there are no obstacles and we find that everything is different from what we can understand, what would we have to give up? Probably we would have to abandon any fear of the unknown, leave behind any unworthy thought or maybe even give up the current form of our existence. And how would we look after this metamorphosis?

    These are some of the questions I asked myself while working on the show “Butterflies”. Questions to which it is not easy at all to seek answers and which also challenged great thinkers. But until we manage to solve these enigmas, I propose a personal version of the answer, a small door imagined by me that I open towards you for a moment of escape… a part of a dream that I invite you to live together with us.

  Relu Dobrin

She - Daniela Bucsan

Guide - Oana Rusu

He - Relu Dobrin

The Countesses - Camelia Ghiță, Luminița Florescu, Oana Vâlceanu, Sabina Ioniță, Alexandra Borîia, Bianca Flueraș

The Counts - Andrei Ciobanu, Octavian Ștefănescu

The Lovers - Gabriela Pojoreanu, Relu Dobrin

Subtlety - Andreea Bârzescu

Power - Marian Chirazi, Camelia Ghiță, Eugenia Stoian, Sabina Ioniță, Bianca Flueraș, Albertino Neagu, Marius Merdicos

Grace - Gabriela Pojoreanu, Oana Vâlceanu

Seduction - Eugenia Stoian  

Joy - Albertino Neagu, Marius Merdicos

Confidence -  Maria Rogojan, Marian Chirazi

The Guide Beyond Worlds - Sorina Micșunescu

The Spark - Sabina Ioniță

The Smoke -  Gabriela Pojoreanu, Andreea Bârzescu, Eugenia Stoian, Maria Rogojan, Albertino Neagu, Marius Merdicos

The Young Counts - Vlad Tențu, Alexandra Borîia, Marina Stanciu, Eva Gurtovaia, Melis Ramazan, Elena Dumitru

Butterflies - Oana Vâlceanu, Gabriela Pojoreanu, Bianca Flueraș, Eugenia Stoian, Camelia Ghiță, Luminița Florescu, Sabina Ioniță,  Andreea Bârzescu, Maria Rogojan, Marius Merdicos

The Artistic Team

Director and Choreographer: Relu Dobrin

Scenography: Daniel Tița

Text: Monica Stoica

Music Arrangement: Marius Meragiu

Video Projections: Andrei Duruș

The Technical Team

Head of Technical Workshop: Emil Popescu

Delegate Producer: Corina Ștefan

Stage Management: Cătălin Cocheș

Lights: Cătălin Maican

Sound: Dragoș Vișan

Makeup: Adelina Bodnar

Wigs: Anca Dobrin

Set Installers: Dumitru Papa, Ion Stoian, Gheorghe Iacob, Cătălin Stoian.

Dressing Rooms: Florentina Roibu, Negoița Chelaru, Corina Bucur, Alexandra Găman.

For additional details regarding the above event, please contact the organizing company:   Ion Dacian National Operetta and Musical Theater,   CIF 4340099, BUCHAREST

Diamond - 100,00 lei
Gold - 60,00 lei
Gold - 60,00 lei
Gold / Reducere Pensionari - 30,00 lei
Gold / Reducere Elevi/Studenti - 15,00 lei
Gray seats are occupied.
Bulevardul Octavian Goga Nr.1 Sector 3
FLUTURI, 11 October 2024
Teatrul National de Opereta si Musical Ion Dacian, Bucuresti
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