La ginecolog - Oltenita
At the gynecologist
Oltenita Culture Directorate
October 12, 2024 at 19:00

A comedy born from the irremediable humor of everyday life. If you are over 16, it's time to make an appointment with the gynecologist! If you are a man, you can only watch! Don't be afraid! You won't feel anything, maybe just slight abdominal pains from laughing. Besides, the doctor has a light hand. We are waiting for you to schedule!

Directed by: Alexandru Jitea.

With: Andreea Samson / Mihaela Coveseanu,
Laura Anghel,
Corina Dragomir / Andreea Mateiu,
Mirela Jienescu / Raluca Gheorghiu
Alexandru Mike Gheorghiu.

For additional details regarding the above event, please contact the organizing company:  Best Mariage SRL,  CIF 19116120, BUCHAREST

Categoria 1 - 75,00 lei
Categoria 2 - 55,00 lei
Gray seats are occupied.
Str. Argesului nr. 6A
La ginecolog - Oltenita, 12 October 2024
Directia de Cultura Oltenita, Oltenita
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