Mihai Badea Lake Powell

Through Lake Powell, Arizona, swim towards the House Among the Firs in Zărnești!

Be part of a record of good people!

We invite you to participate in a world record, a heart project, and a film like no other! Your contribution? One meter of lake = one meter of courage = one meter of strength = one meter of hope!

Did you know that the path to House Among the Firs in Zărnești passes through the lake between canyons: Lake Powell, the giant reservoir that separates the states of Utah and Arizona, USA?

Mihai Badea is ready to swim across it in one of the most spectacular races a swimmer can undertake in this world!

Casa dintre Brazi is the vacation home that the Children in Distress Foundation will build in Zărnești for children who usually do not get to go on vacation. The „Pineview Retreat Lodge” will be a special guesthouse, where children will be hosted - with priority given to those with disabilities, alongside their parents. The guesthouse will comply with all legislations and standards for providing high-quality conditions and amenities, tailored to the specific needs of children with special needs, children who never go to the mountains, in fact, children who hardly go anywhere. Casa dintre brazi will be a vacation and recovery center, not a hospital, but a vacation home!

The land is already there, the architectural project is also done, and now the construction of the fence begins… and here Mihai Badea stepped in, who, in service of this generous cause, commits to being the second person in history to swim across the entire length of the great Lake Powell in the canyonlands, from the border between the U.S. states of Arizona and Utah! And he courageously aims to do it in record time!

Mihai Badea is 51 years old, a former military man, and has always been passionate about swimming. He has swum 115 km on the Danube and crossed several lakes. Mihai is a husband and father of two, and is grateful for the support of his family and friends. Now he calls you to join him in the race along the famous Lake Powell, which will start on August 11, 2024, from Bullfrog Utah and will end on August 13, 2024, at Wahweap Marina Arizona.

Do you want to swim with thoughts and hope alongside Mihai? Join your good thoughts with his courage and help him turn lake kilometers into meters of fence for the children's guesthouse!

If most swimming records count pool lengths, Mihai proposes that you buy a length of courage by purchasing a ticket to the record of good people!

Turning bad luck into good fortune: the length of the route from Lake Powell is 130 km, so we transform the unlucky number 13 into the lucky number 31, the number of fulfillment!

So, 31 lei is the cost of a ticket to the record of good people!

For every ticket purchased, you will receive a virtual certificate attesting that you are the owner of a Length of Courage from the Record of Good People, set by Mihai Badea at Lake Powell in August 2024!  (A printed version will also be available, for an additional cost of X lei). The more tickets you buy… of course, the number of lengths of courage also increases!

Why is Lake Powell famous? Among other reasons, because only one person in the world has managed to swim its dangerous waters: American swimmer Sarah Thomas, in 2016. In the meantime, conditions have changed on this amazing artificial lake, created by flooding a valley full of sharp rocks and unpredictable caves, with a landscape in transition and water levels continuously declining in recent years. Lake Powell is not a straight lake, water levels fluctuate drastically, and navigating, especially at night, is extremely difficult.

Mihai aims to update the record set by the American and swim the 130 km of the lake in about 50 hours, swimming continuously.

Besides the actual swimming, Mihai Badea's campaign involves extensive and costly logistical preparations, which are already underway, in parallel with Mihai’s training.

Mihai already has notable supporters, among sports champions and daring individuals who understand what it means to strive for a unique achievement: Elisabeta Lipă, Gabriela Szabó, Alina Dumitru, Helmut Duckadam, Andreea Chițu, Robert Militaru!

Join them to make room for holiday, dreaming, and courage for children with disabilities who still do not dare to dream!

Find out everything about the CID Foundation and the House Among the Firs project here: link

Follow Mihai Badea on social media to see how he is preparing: fb and insta

Finally, the chronicle of Mihai Badea's performance will be made in the form of a documentary film, in which your name will be mentioned in your capacity as a dream propeller and owner of a Length of Courage!





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