Scandal in culise  - Premiera - Oltenita

Scandal Behind the Scenes 

November 11, 2024, at 19:00 

Oltenița Directorate of Culture

Intrigues, loves, jealousies, threats, passion, and art—all mix among the five actors obliged by profession to tolerate each other, coordinated by a director addicted to art and... tranquilizers! A domino of comic accidents where each character is interested in their own goals and well-being to the point of destroying everything around them! 

We all love the world of theater! For actors, it's a way of life, a passion! But when passion meets the real world, things degenerate into... comedy!

A young married couple go on a trip to their holiday home to enjoy a romantic night...each with a different partner. The meeting of the four is explosive...or at least it should be if the five actors playing the roles don’t bring their real-life problems on stage, in front of the audience.

A panicked director, on the brink of the premiere, realizing that he’s working with a handful of chaotic people interested in anything but the play they’re rehearsing.

Five actors, extremely different and with the most diverse problems, from social to psychological, from pleasures to orientations, from indifference to inappropriate relationships between colleagues, who forget to enter the magical world of theater and bring the profession's secrets into the real world.

„Scandal in culise" (Scandal Behind the Scenes) is a show that unintentionally reveals the „recipe". 

A show in which the actors Pavel Barsan, Livia Taloi, Adelina Mihalcea, Alexandra Raduta, Alin Brancu, and Andrei Necula, directed by Alin Brancu, can be seen playing more than one role each.

Cast: Alin Brancu, Livia Taloi, Pavel Bârsan, Andrei Necula, Alexandra Răduță, Adelina Mihalcea.

Director: Alin Brancu


For additional details regarding the above event, please contact the organizing company:   Rotari Entertainment SRL,  CIF 41415676, BUCHAREST

Acces general - 70,00 lei
Gray seats are occupied.
Str. Argesului nr. 6A
Scandal in culise - Premiera - Oltenita, 11 November 2024
Directia de Cultura Oltenita, Oltenita
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